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We are the Pomario Family and we used to live in Johannesburg, South Africa. On the 10 July 2009 at 8.05 our little family grew to 3 when our precious daughter Natalia was born. We were blessed that she had chosen us to be her parents and we were privileged to have her in our lives. We believe she is here to teach us many lessons and give us plenty of joy. We relocated to Australia in April 2011. These are our stories……

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Our Maternity Shoot 20Jun09 & Bedroom Pics

Hi All

Loren, my dear sister, and most fabulous photographer, took photos of Kim and I last Saturday at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens in Roodepoort. We got started pretty early in the morning and it was surprisingly warm enough to wear just a T-shirt. We could never have done that today with the minus temperatures that we woke up to, so we were really fortunate. I think she's a marvellous, talented, creative photographer and writer and I just need to tell the whole world about her. If you want to see more of her work and perhaps contact her, go to http://www.lorenstowphotography.blogspot.com/

Natalia's bedroom is also done, with a couple of things here and there that I still want to add..... but I don't want to be forced to just buy anything to fill the gaps. She wont be sleeping in there for the first couple of months anyway...... and when I see something cute then I'll get it.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pics
Love Leigh & Kim

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

And Her Name is Officially Natalia

Padded Toy Chest

Door to Natalia's Bedroom

Hello All

This morning we went to Trinity House School for their Open Day to find out more about the school. We have to look now already at what school we want to enrol her in, and she isn't even born yet. This particular school only has openings for babies born this year now - 2008 is already closed for admission as they are full. If we want to secure her a spot, we have to put down a non-refundable deposit of R5000. We both like the school a lot, but we have a month or so to think about it and then we need to act. The private schools in jhb are ridiculous so we need to do school shopping now!

Kim and I went for our gynae visit today. So the update is: she weighs 3kgs now, head circumference is 31.8cm and femur length 7.21cm. So our little Miss Pomario is growing at a rapid rate. Her head is still in the right position, down bottom. Her bum is up near my ribs - Kim loves playing with it, pushing it in and she pushes it out, so they are already playing with each other. I also have her little elbow sticking in my right side which is painful at times.

For those of you that don't know, we are naming her Natalia. Natalia (Italian) means 'birth' and Natale (Italian) means 'Christmas / Birth of Christ'. Now we just have to think of a 2nd name, and we don't have much time.
Then while were in Clarens in April, we bought a lovely Toy Chest for her. See attached pic.
Anyway, that's the news for now.
Love Leigh & Kim

Monday, June 22, 2009

Final Ante-Natal Class, Maternity Leave & UIF

Hi Everybody

So last Wednesday was our last Ante-Natal Class. It was a enjoyable evening ending off with bathing a month old baby. We got some good tips on how its done, but of course we only watched so doing it will be very different. You only really need 2-3 products to bath a baby, but there are hundreds in the shops, proving that there are so many unnecessary products out there!!!

Then, one of the couples on the course became proud parents on the Sunday before to a baby boy. The brand new father got to tell us all about their experience. She went a la natural all the way.....good for them!

Friday was my last day at work, thank goodness. I am so uncomfortable, bloated, swollen, weeing every 20min, that's its actually a blessing. Originally, I wanted to work until the week before, but now I realise that its not an option. Besides driving to Midrand and spending up to an hour (one way) in the traffic was taking a huge toll on me.

So today is my 1st day of being unemployed - I slept late (if you call 7am late), considering I got up 3 times during the night to wee. I went for my reflexology appointment at 11h00 and went to the bank to get some UIF forms filled out. I am driving through to Pretoria tomorrow to drop them off - its been a time consuming operation, but I finally have everything together.

So I am due back at work on the 19 October, but seriously its too far away to be thinking of that!
Love to all

Friday, June 12, 2009

Miss Pomario is No Longer Breach

Howdie Doodie

Went for my gynae visit on Wednesday, just real quick one. I was there for maybe 5mins. The Doc just measured all the important things and I was outta there. So she now weighs 2.3kgs, wow that is a 500g increase in 2 weeks. Her head circumference is 30.3cm, femur length is 6.56cm. And Miss Muffet is now head down and no longer lying breach..... She is headed towards the light, but no engaged yet, thank goodness.

Otherwise, Wednesday was a really crappy day. When I got home after the visit, I couldn't get in. The driveway gate just packed up and wouldn't open and I was not about to climb over it. So I did some retail therapy instead. Kim was far away in Pretoria, so he only arrived home around 6pm.

Then yesterday, I went for my reflexology appointment, and upon leaving the ladies electric gate closed on my belly - she opened it just enough for me to squeeeeze through because her dogs were going to run out!!! I got pinned front and back between the gate and my stomach was squashed. I got a hell of a fright and started shouting and freaking out. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I went back the the gynae rooms yesterday to just check that she's okay. They observed me and her for half an hour and everything seems fine, thank goodness!!!

And today, my mommy is here from Durban so I have taken the day off work and we are going to do some retail therapy together. There are a couple things I still need to get for the hospital and I am so happy to have her with me..........

Love to All

Monday, June 1, 2009

Belly Update - 33.1 Weeks

Hi All

Okay, so I am getting huge now and I still have about 6 weeks to go. I don't know if I can stretch anymore. My feet and ankles are swollen and constantly in pain. My hands are swollen, making a fist even hurts and my face is really bloated. Sleeping is getting more difficult and having to go to the loo every other minute is not helping either. But hey, these are the joys of being pregnant!
Kim and I have been really active this weekend. No relaxing going on here!!!
Loren came around yesterday to help me sort out baby clothes - to see what I have and to make a list of what I still need. I had another baby shower at work on Friday, so I received a whole lot more stuff! Loren will be coming around next weekend again so we can go shopping for the clothes and other things that I still need. While we were busy with baby stuff, Kim was finishing off a couple of things in our new nanny's room - hanging cupboards and shelves. We also all went the the Gateway School Fund Raising Day to support them - a school for children with special needs. Little Malakai was with us and I think he enjoyed the outing. We had other things on our agenda for the day, but it flew by, and before we knew it Loren had to leave.
This morning Kim and I got off to an early start. After being scolded yesterday by Loren, that we haven't got the baby room together, we got cracking. I hadn't realised that we don't have much time. We received our furniture last Friday, but have been waiting for the linen and curtains to arrive, but it's no excuse not to have the other things done. So this morning we went to buy a variety of shelves to put up. We also put up the other goodies we bought long ago like the clock, height-chart and coat hooks.
So when the room is finished we will take some pics and post them!
Anyway, that's it for now
Love Leigh & Kim