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We are the Pomario Family and we used to live in Johannesburg, South Africa. On the 10 July 2009 at 8.05 our little family grew to 3 when our precious daughter Natalia was born. We were blessed that she had chosen us to be her parents and we were privileged to have her in our lives. We believe she is here to teach us many lessons and give us plenty of joy. We relocated to Australia in April 2011. These are our stories……

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Natalia's First School Report Book

I fetched Natalia from school today and was pleasantly surprised to be handed a book filled my baby's artwork and a report card. My heart was smiling with pride and joy. These are things that make it that much more worthwhile being a parent and I am that much happier knowing that I can experience these feelings. And I just have to share it........

Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Day in Hahndorf and The Faerie Cave

We decided to go to Hahndorf today, a German village in the Adelaide Hills. It's a very touristy place and they really make everything look so nice and festive. While there I took Natalia to see the Faerie Cave which was surprisingly well done and very detailed. Natalia loved it and we spent a good 30-40 minutes looking at all the interesting displays. Afterwards we went to our favourite spot, the Hahndorf Inn, to eat an early dinner. 

Hey Santa, what ya up to?

In the Faerie Cave

Natalia loved this display and spent ages looking at it

Look at the train Mommy!!!

Crossing the bridge

The kids could leave notes for Santa

Sharing a laugh on the bench with Mommy

and sharing some delicious ice-cream

Jumping for joy

Little miss show-off

Going for dinner at the Hahndorf Inn

Playing with the toy microwave while waiting for our dinner

Friday, December 16, 2011

School Christmas Concert

Kim and I were so so excited to see our baby perform at her first school concert today. We just kept grinning ear to ear seeing her around her peers and doing a fantastic job. We knew she would be singing Jingle Bells as she would sing it at home but the rest was a surprise. It was definitely a proud parent moment to remember forever.

Dressed and ready for her school Christmas concert today

Coming out with teacher Kelly

Ah, she has spotted Mommy and Daddy :)

A speech from centre director Sue

The babies group doing their performance

The toddler group doing their performance. Miss Talia in the centre and singing her well-practice Jingle Bells song

The kindy group doing their performance

Reward time - yummy ice lollies

No no no - I don't wanna sit on Santa's lap, just gimme my present please!

Help me Daddy

Oh it a ballerina story book with a locket

What is it with toddlers that read upside down ?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

DanceAlong Concert

This morning was Natalia's end of year DanceAlong Concert. She has a dance class every Thursday morning for 1/2 hour at school with Katherine, her dance teacher. Natalia loves dancing and making music and this class is perfect to explore her creativity.

Pretty girl eating yoghurt

The 5 girls - Lola, Asia, Sienna, Zoe and Natalia with teacher Katherine

Stamping our feet and clapping

With best friend Asia

Yeah, I did it!!!

Natalia with the only boy in the class - Cameron

Fairy wings

Giddy-up horsie

Dinosaur tail

Checking in with Daddy quickly

Natalia receiving her report