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We are the Pomario Family and we used to live in Johannesburg, South Africa. On the 10 July 2009 at 8.05 our little family grew to 3 when our precious daughter Natalia was born. We were blessed that she had chosen us to be her parents and we were privileged to have her in our lives. We believe she is here to teach us many lessons and give us plenty of joy. We relocated to Australia in April 2011. These are our stories……

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Thursday, April 15, 2010


9 months old today !!!

all dressed up 'cause I went to Jack's birthday party

I love to swing

I took Natalia for her measles vaccination today and she was really good..... shame the little pumpkin hardly cried and just let out a small moan. Other than that she now has 2 teeth. 1 on top and 1 at the bottom. The other bottom one just has not appeared. Yesterday we went to Moms & Babes and she rolled over and sat up on her own. She's still not crawling, but goes onto her knees and rocks backwards and forwards. She also went for her 9month visit on Monday with the paed, a different paed. She was seeing Dr. Verster but now we've changed to Dr. Neethling, who is a much better at communicating.

3 months to go and Miss Muffet turns 1, I cant believe it!

Love Px3

Thursday, April 8, 2010

In & Out

Fantastic news, something I need to share! So today is a peculiar day……… it's what I call Natalia’s EQUAL Day………. Ughh, you say. Well today she is 38.6 weeks old, exactly the amount of time she spent in my ‘belly’ before she was welcomed into the world……… lol, so today Natalia has been Out as long as she was In.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Has Come and Gone

Yeah, this is cool

Standing in my new cot

Having fun with my cousin Malakai in my playroom

Yummy, enjoying my biscuit with Daddy


Easter has come and gone for 2010, next year will be more exiting as Natalia will be able to participate in a egg hunt and be able to eat chocolate….

Natalia is doing so many new things – she now stands holding herself up, although very wobbly still – she is pulling her knees underneath her and rocking in preparation for crawling – she has started clapping her hands and loves to do it over and over – she is moving all over in her cot and I find her in the weirdest positions now in the morning. Her top 2 middle teeth are on their way, however she only still has 1 bottom tooth, its partner nowhere in sight yet? All this teeth cutting is sore and she moans a lot, shame poor pumpkin.

She is also eating a lot of new things. For lunch she has a slice of brown bread with hummus, her favourite. She also likes French toast and normal toast with a host of toppings including avo, cream cheese, mozzarella cheese, egg yolk.

Kim also finally dropped Natalia’s cot as I have visions of her falling out now that she is such a busy body – my mind can at least be at ease now knowing that she safe in there till I fetch her. She also loves her playroom or as we have dubbed it ‘baby-jail’, lol.
Love P x 3

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pics Taken in March

Natalia decided she wanted to feed herself last night and this is what she looked like. Mmm, fish and spinach all over

Natalia in her favourite place - she has an absolute ball everytime

In the water again...... our waterbaby!